The New DFR Website is up! And the new single by Thunderbolt Patterson is out now – for FREE!!!

Here it is!  The new Drug Front Records website!  So, what do you think?  Don’t say out loud – I can’t hear you.  You can write and let me know if you really feel strongly about this kinda stuff.  Anyhow, we love it.  Our friends Jackie Brennan and Mark Hucke did a killer job.  We salute them!

And to celebrate the new launch we are giving away the new feel-good hit of the summer, Thunderbolt Patterson’s “Life’s Rich Pageant“!  Yes!  It’s free!  You have nothing to lose – but a whole lot to gain!  Thunderbolt Patterson is the brain-child of J.P. Patterson – drummer extraordinaire with the likes of The Dictators, Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom, Richard Lloyd (Television), The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black, Rhys Chatham and so much more!  After killing the drums for so many years, J.P. first made an instrumental album called Thunderboss featuring Ross The Boss from The Dictators/Manowar on guitar. A couple of years later he created the first Thunderbolt Patterson full-length recording called “The LP Is Dead” on No Fun Records.  This is where J.P.’s pop aesthetics really started to shine. But it is now with “Life’s Rich Pageant” that Thunderbolt Patterson finds the meeting ground between The Raspberries, Thin Lizzy and Cheap Trick.  We hope you dig it as much as we do.