About Live Ones

This band fucking rocks! Imagine Sonic Rendezvous Band and The Stooges got together with Sir Lord Baltimore and you sorta get the idea.  We can wax poetic on these grizzled rockers all day, but here’s what other true rock-n-roll connoisseurs say about Live Ones:

“Sometimes you listen to a band and you just know that it’s the legitimate thing. This is one of those bands…this band LIVES it.  They walk the walk and they talk the talk. Their sound is the dirty truth of the brick wall. ”

-Neus Subjex

“Pure dirty rock…like a mixture of the Stooges and DMZ…makes me think of bands like Dead Moon.”

-Flying Revolver

Not exactly punk, Live Ones embody the post-Stooges proto-punk era of the mid/late ’70s that produced bands such as DMZ, The Pagans, and Rocket from the Tombs, though with a definite modern edge that includes Kiss-inspired ’80s hard rock. As a hard rocking power trio led by drummer Mike Czekaj, LO blast through 12 songs that are part Rolling Stones rock ’n’ roll, part Dictators sound and fury, part fun-loving hair metal, and all sweat and energy, the kind that comes from guys who live to play like their lives depend on it. There’s even a power ballad called “Haunted” that needs a video with a Tawny Kitaen lookalike dancing on cars. Get some beer, blast this record, and wash the week away. Repeat in five days. 


-The Big Takeover