About The Bamboo Kids

Let’s get something straight here.  The Bamboo Kids are possibly the most underrated rock-n-roll band that exists today.  Despite their ability to just get by on their devastating good looks, these three childhood friends know how to write amazing songs.  We here at Drug Front first heard their first self-titled LP on Get Hip Records.  Even though the sound quality left a lot to be desired, the songs cut through. And that was enough for the skeletal staff here to begin working with these guys – first as producers/engineers on their second LP (on Empty/Big Dipper) and later as their record label overlords (something the band probably regrets to this very day).  But all this is history.  And we know that most rock-n-roll fans have some sort of ADD and have probably lost interest by this sentence.  But I know you care about awesome rock-n-roll, right?  Well The Bamboo Kids write and perform amazing rock-n-roll.  Go listen now.  You’ll hear echoes of The Clash, The Damned, Nick Lowe, Bruce Springsteen (they are originally from NJ!), Mott The Hoople, The Faces, The Rolling Stones and all that great stuff rolled into one.