FREE! MiniBoone “Brand New Thing” MP3!



The new MiniBoone CDEP, On MiniBoone Mountain, will not be out until November 8th.  But we here at Drug Front Records are so excited about these new tracks that we want to share the soon-to-be smash hit single, “Brand New Thing,” with you for FREE!  That’s right.  Just click here and get the MP3 for free!

Not sure what MiniBoone is all about?  I could tell you that they are by far the most exciting new band from Brooklyn. With such an explosive live show, they were asked to play the Bonnaroo festival this year. And after their set, the management was so impressed they asked them to play another set the next day!  I could also tell you that they were picked by L Magazine as one of “8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear” and that NPR said that they sound like they were “fueled by an endless supply of energy drinks. MiniBoone recreates that frenzied feeling with every gig. The band’s members dance recklessly on and around the stage, tripping over wires and crashing into each other as they pummel the microphones. Despite MiniBoone’s wacky performances however, it takes serious skill to rock like they do.”  But why do I have to tell you this? You can download the single for FREE and find out why everyone is talking about MiniBoone.