The Naked Heroes’ New LP/CD/DD Is Available Now!

Demon The Whiskey Down is the awesome new recording by The Naked Heroes.  And it’s available right now!  Yes!  Today!  The limited edition 150gm LP comes not only with the free immediate download, but it also includes the CD!  And that’s not all!  Artist extraordinaire, Benjamin Marra (Night Business, The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures Of Maureen Dowd, Vice Magazine), has created a comic book about The Naked Heroes that is inside the LP as well!  As per usual with Ben, it is both insanely amazing and amazingly insane.

The CD is available, too, with immediate digital download.

For those of you that still can’t seem to part with any cash at all, you can download the record for FREE!  Yes.  I said it was free.  You can find it on this site or go here, ya’ cheapskate! –