The 10¢ Fuck Flicks new 7″ EP is out NOW!!!


Holy shit!  Your holy grail of trashy rock-n-roll sleaze has finally arrived! The 10¢ Fuck Flicks are here to snort all your blow and steal your girlfriends.  And you know what?  You fucking love it, you fucking loser!  Because this band rules! You can try to think whatever you want, you little shit, but the power of The 10¢ Fuck Flicks compels you!  The new EP is aptly titled “Eight Songs About Drugs And Sex.” GO HERE to buy the highly limited edition 7″ with the amazing fold-out poster by renowned tattoo artist, Tony Caporuuso.  It comes with an immediate digital download for you computer-type nerds.  For those of you who are uncool enough to not own a turntable, you can just buy the digital version.  Are you even too goddamn cheap for that? Then will you at least GO HERE to get the smash hit single, “LaurieAnne” for FREE?!?!  Did you fuckin’ get that? Whatever, jerkoff.  As long as you understand what fucking rocks AND rolls.  And that, my friend, is The 10¢ Fuck Flicks.