The new Two Man Advantage LP is out now!

The new Two Man Advantage record, Dynasty, is out officially on December 4th. It is by far the best of their illustrious 15 year career as the greatest hockey punk band in the world. Yes. The world. Bring on your Zambonis, your Hanson Brothers, 5 For Fighting, Slapshot or whomever you want – Two Man Advantage absolutely DESTROYS all of them. Not only as a band, but they will actually kick their collective asses in a street hockey game. (By the way – if you have a team and want to play them when they come to town, please do it – they love that shit!) However, I digress…The LP is pressed on 150gm black and white swirled vinyl. It contains the CD AND a very cool Two Man coaster for the beverage of your choice (beverages unfortunately are not included).  This very special LP is limited to 250 only – once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. So get yours now! Get yours before everyone else buys one for Chrismukka or Kwanzaafestivus or whatever it is you crazy kids are celebrating these days.

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As per usual, like all our recorded products, the digital download comes immediately after purchase of either the LP, CD and (of course) the digital download itself. So you can listen the the new Two Man Advantage on your Walkman, your iPlotz, your Sony Dream Machine or whatever it is you like to annoy coworkers and siblings with.